When You Enrol On This Course And Participate Fully In This Experience

It Can Possibly Change Your Life Forever.

Sedrick C. Theodosiou presents a programme for activating your inner power!

Sedrick offers NLP Training of the highest International Standards. He takes NLP into the therapeutic field, into Corporate Change Management, he trains Medical Doctors, Clinical and Industrial Psychologists, Psychotherapists. HR personnel, Executive and Life Coaches and is highly regarded for the work he does in companies like Vodacom, BMW, Public Relations companies like Magna Carta, Travel Agencies, etc.

The flexibility of his training style allows him to be equally effective with people who want to address their own transformation or school teachers and parents who want to be more effective with their children.

Sedrick provides four facets of learning:

  • Theory
  • Skills (competence)
  • Attitude
  • Personal transformation (Self-actualization)

His training is endorsed by the originators and co-developers of NLP like Richard Bandler via Ed and Maryann Reese, Robert Dilts, Professor Janet Konefal.

NB. The training we offer is pure and profound. Only if you are interested in a thorough, competence based NLP training with Personal Transformation are these NLP Programmes for you.

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