About Inspiritu NLP

What follows is a definition of NLP that has been attributed to the founders of NLP (R. Bandler and J Grinder): NLP is an attitude of curiosity about, and a fascination with people’s experience of excellence. It is a study and a science of the structure of human subjective experience that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

At Inspiritu we take pride in adopting and promulgating this attitude and refuse to compromise the standards that were propounded by our founders and the great men and women that were modelled to create this science, art and skill called NLP.

NLP was developed by modelling great therapists like Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton H. Erickson.

Milton H Erickson was an immaculate researcher of scientific study but more than that he was a great believer in the spirit of the human being.

He also strongly believed that above all else when working with someone it was of ultimate importance to work with the mental makeup.

Here at Inspiritu we strive towards the pure form of NLP.

After all would anyone really want to be operated on by a surgeon who had done a crash weekend or a seven day medical course? How much more important is it that we be extra careful who we let work on our minds. And if we wouldn’t allow somebody like that to work on our minds what gives us the right to work on other people’s minds with anything other than absolute respect and competence.

The syllabus and the minimum hour requirement that we follow is strictly laid down by International standards. For e.g. ANLP UK will not accept or recognise any training program that does not rigidly adhere to these requirements. The same applies if the training has been done by anyone other than a fully qualified trainer. NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners or anyone with any lesser qualification other than a full NLP Trainer’s certification is unacceptable.

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