About Sedrick

Sedrick is recognized by Southern Institute of NLP and International NLP to certify individuals in the Art of Neuro Linguistic Programming and use the official logo through the Southern Institute of NLP and International NLP.

Sedrick’s trainings are endorsed and internationally recognised by:

NLP University – Robert Dilts (USA)
International Training Seminars (ITS) – Ian McDermott
International NLP (USA) Southern Branch – M. & E. Reese
Lambent Trainings – Joseph O’Connor (UK)
Sue Knight NLP Trainings – UK
Society of NLP – Richard Bandler and Associates via NLP International
NLP Practitioners: 1st November, 1994, Alpha Lite S. A.

NLP Masters, Advanced Level 1, 26th March, 1995, Ed and Maryann Reese, Orlando, USA, R. Bandler endorsed

NLP Masters in Modelling, 27th June 1995, Ed and Maryann Reese, USA

NLP Masters, Advanced Level 2, 23rd July, 1995, Ed and Maryann Reese, Southern institute of NLP, USA, Lattrope, Holland

Master Hypnotist Certification – 3rd December, 1995 – The Hypnosis Institute of New York, USA

Regression Therapist Certification – 15th February 1996, Empowerment Concepts; David Patient MHT, MH & Neil M. Orr, B. Soc.SciHons CT, MA Research Phychologist)

Hypnotherapist – Certified by the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT), 25th February, 1996

Certified Hypnotherapist – SA Association of Hypnotists – 15th March, 1996

NLP Masters in Hypnosis 13 August, 1996 IACH M Tierney, SA (IACH )

Hypnotherapist – Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA July 1996/7

Masters in Hypnosis 1st June 1997, IACH M Tierney, SA (IACH – International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists)

NLP Practitioner’s Certification from Potchefstroom University.26th November 1999; SA

NLP Masters Certification from Potchefstroom University 15th May 2000, SA

Advanced Level Master Coach (Leadership and Health), May 1996, Prof. Janet Konefal PhD, University of Miami School of Medicine, SA

Associate Trainers: 13th March 1996, Prof. Janet Konefal, PhD, SA; Int. Society of NLP, Germany

Global Trainer Coaching and Consultant: 26th February 1997/1998, (R. Dilts, Ian McDermott, Tim Halbom, Suzi Smith), London, UK; NLP University Santa Cruz

NLP University – Robert Dilts (USA)
International Training Seminars (ITS) – Ian McDermott
Suzie Smith (USA)
Tim Hallblom (USA)
Trainers in Coaching, Consultancy and NLP Certification – 26th February 1998/1999, (Global Trainers and Consultants R. Dilts, Ian McDermott, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith), London, UK; NLP University Santa Cruz)

Facilitator for the 1998/1999 GTCC NLP; London, UK

Trainer in Adult Education – UNISA 17th April, 1999

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – Stephen Gilligan, Glasgow 1999.

In the corporate field he has successfully applied NLP to companies, done training under the likes of Peter Senge of the Fifth Discipline, and thereby married NLP to Systems Theory Methods.

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