NLP 2018 – NLP is the celebration of excellence

‘’NLP is the celebration of excellence.’’ – Sue Knight


Are people insane, sadomasochistic or just sad victims of circumstance.

The most common beliefs about the determinacy  of life are:

  1. We contribute to creating our future which means we can to a large extent that we choose our reality.
  2. We have no control over our lives beliefs and experiences and thus we are victims of circumstance.

People often say they believe the first statement, that they create their reality, and that they believe this implicitly, yet when you ask them if they are living the life that they dream of living they say that it is far from what they would like to be experiencing.

But if that were strictly true, then half the world must be masochistic and the rest just insane. If we believe this to be true and we are wrong then I guess we would be living in a fool’s paradise.

If we believe the second and it is false we will have lived in a fool’s hell.

If we choose to believe it and it is true then we will have lived in an enlightened hell.

Neither of these two beliefs can be proved.

However  scientifically it is proven that it is indeed far more useful i.t.o. our health, our general wellbeing and success in all fields, to believe the first rather than the second is true.

So then why are we not all living our ideal dream

Because we do not know how to create our world. WE do not have the know how, the skills or the tools to do this. An instruction manual was not included when the box was opened to release ourselves into the world and into our lives.

And then along came NLP. And it was so powerful that it became commercialized and diluted by the majority.

Sedrick-Inspiritu NLP offers a pure and thorough training in NLP plus a transformational journey.

NLP is the instruction manual for experience. The one that was missing in our presentation pack when we arrived on this earth.



We succeed by design we fail by design

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