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Just to let you know that from your workshop end of last year (December 2014) there has been quite a turn-around in our offices since the beginning of 2015.

It’s really great to see how the team spirit has improved; everyone now seems to be pulling in the same direction.

When talking to the staff here it is apparent that whereas last year most hated coming to work, this year everyone is rather enjoying the office.

At the same time that the vibe in the office has changed, we have also become extremely busy and that is also motivating everyone to work faster and better.

Overall Arrow is performing much better as far as I can tell. Which can only be good for the company.

Trust this is what you wanted from me.

Karen Snooke - Talent Acquisition Specialist, Arrowex Ecutive   
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Vodacom contracted Sedrick C Theodosiou through DGT Training's in 2012 / 2013 to design and deliver a specialised course for employees working in a highly strategic and complex multi-year technology and business transformation program. The course was delivered over 10 / 12 months with the main goal of enabling team members to deal with complexities and strain the program would impose on them. Some of the main topics included self-discovery, influence, self and conflict management. The journey created by Sedrick provided immense value to the team and it allowed individuals to benefit and grow not only in their professional context but also in the their personal lives. The benefits have been sustainable which rewards we are still reaping 2 years from the commencement of the program. I would recommend Sedrick to any organisation looking for positive intervention into any into any complex environment, I would further recommend him as a facilitator for any process needed to empower people (group of private) and to help them to optimise their input.

Andrew du Toit - Technology Delivery Lead Customer3D, Vodacom South Africa   
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I met Sedrick Theodosiou a few years back and with that 'chance' encounter, gained a dear lifelong friend, mentor, colleague and companion on the path of life.
Sedrick has had a life changing positive influence in my life and is an invaluable trusted go-to place when nothing and everything makes sense. By nature I explore many personal development paths partly for self interest and for my training business and always each is assessed according to the founding principles I learned and can trust in Sedrick's Inspiritu program.
One of my biggest take aways in that time was realising how the words we use in our internal world and with each other, have the ability to change our very DNA. If you are want greater awareness of the Magic you have in your very own being then I would encourage you to act now and enroll on the upcoming 2017 program with Sedrick Theodosiou. For those who have sent it all and done it before - there is so much in this class that you could still stretch into. Sedrick has added so much exciting and relevant content from the field of Neuroscience and what that means to us as conscious human beings. This program is hugely content rich as well as experiential - a major key to transformation.
Only the brave willingly change their life!! I wonder if you are one of those? And if you are, just know you will be in the most expert hands you could ever find in this field of personal mastery.

Diane Collier   
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Hi Sedrick Theodosiou thanks so much for the invite unfortunately I am not available to attend. however I cannot express enough gratitude to you and the wonderful program the gift that you gave me lives on daily and to the people that will be attending I can only say it was a life altering experience for me. Much love xx

Tracy Vally‎   
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If we've spent any time together you know how highly I recommend theNLP training by Sedrick.
If you are interested, get in contact with him or me.

Danie Roux   
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In 2009 I did a course that changed my life forever. I started out thinking I would come away with some new tools for my coping tool box. What I left with was the understanding of how experiential structures work and are put together, and how I had been putting them together randomly in the past, and how I could now put them together with intention to best achieve my higher outcome.
Sedrick's course in NLP will be starting soon, 28th February 2015. I wish you all, that are on this course with Sedrick Theodosiou as beautiful a transformation as I experienced and still experiencing.

Brendon Hutchinson‎   
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If you are thinking about doing an NLP course, and even if you are not, this is the course for you.
Since doing NLP with Sedrick in 2014, so much has changed for me, from the way I am able to connect better with those around me by using rapport, to the conscious use of better language every day.
I'm so grateful that I chose Inspiritu'sNLP course by Sedrick Theodosiou. It is the most thorough and life changing course available in South Africa.

Louise Pitot‎   
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Me in 2003: "Sedrick, why would I spend the money on doing the course, rather than spending the same amount on personal sessions with you?"
Sedrick Theodosiou: "Why would I give you a fish, if I can teach you how to fish?"
And that was the day my life changed forever (for the better, of course). During the last twelve years I have occasionally fallen back on old patterns, although the tools and skills gained through the Inspiritu NLP Practitioners have had a positive impact on every aspect of my life.
Just do it! You'll never look back...

Melanie Van Reenen   
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I have studied NLP with Sedrick for the past 7 months. Years ago, when I first wanted to learn more about NLP, I was advised by a wise friend that I should not study NLP with any other than Sedrick.
It has taken 12 years to create the space in my work and personal life, so that I could join the class of 2013. I am eternally grateful that I took that advice. The NLP course has been enriching in every possible aspect. Sedrick has the ability to impart knowledge without ‘teaching’, to facilitate learning so that it is exciting, fun, meaningful and becomes part of the marrow of your bone. The course has been my most beneficial experiential learning experience; the growth personally and how this might be used in an ethical business sense has been invaluable and is unparalleled in my opinion. Thank you Sedrick, I so wish that more corporates took the time to empower their management and staff with your teachings.

Eldette Davie - Program, Project and Change Management; Client Engagement and NLP Master Coach   
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I decided to study NLP for personal enrichment and to be able to assist clients more effectively and objectively in writing medico legal reports. I was advised by a colleague not to waste my time and money studying with anyone other than Sedrick Theodosiou. This has proved to be invaluable advice. Sedrick has an informal and positive engaging method of teaching NLP. The material becomes ingrained and part and parcel of positive daily functioning. The training has enriched and transformed my life. I see it as a privilege to be studying NLP with this master.
“No man is free who is not master of himself.” – Epictetus (Ancient Greek Philosopher 55AD).
If you would like to experience the acoustics in the freedom of being a self-master and see and embrace pervasive positive change, you will love and enjoy Sedrick Theodosiou's course enrolling early 2017. Check it out onhttp://www.inspiritu.co.za/ Personally, this course was the best development ever on an individual and a professional level.

Rene Van Wyk - Prof. University of Johannesburg